Learn How to Heal Yourself, Heal Others

and Connect with the Goddess Within

“Witches do not harm…    

We are the Protectors and Healers…” – Julie Carol   

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“I have listened to and read many arguments for and against the use of the words “Wiccan” and “Witchcraft.” I will tell you, quite honestly, that I have used both words when discussing my faith, depending on the recipients of my conversation. There are those that feel the term “Witch” is an egotistical one. Maybe so. Different words mean different things to a variety of people.  Each individual must draw their own conclusion as to the terms they use to describe themselves.  I personally like the word “Witch” very much. To me, it means mystery, healing, power, special, different, balance, and history. It means knowledge, secrets, the earth, and a bond with both the male and female sides of myself.  Neither definition is better than the other; you must choose for yourself.”  ~ Silver RavenWolf  

This path is about awakening.  One does not become a witch, you are a witch.  You were born this way.  The magic is within you.  To be a witch is to start the journey again in this lifetime of remembering who you truly are.  The awakening that is happening on the planet is causing all of us to bring forward the best of who we are as women.  Wicca is the re-creation of what was forbidden, persecuted and forgotten.  Every culture has managed to retain part of Her Story.  And it is in the memories of Women that the healing of this planet is contained.  For it is Her collective consciousness which remembers and which is now awakening.    

One can be a Witch, without being Wiccan.  Wicca is based on ancient practices of the Witch, the Shaman and the Wise Ones.  I like to think of Wicca as the religious path and Witchcraft as the path itself.  Sometimes Witchcraft is referred to as the Craft of the Wise or the Old Ways.      

For me, witchcraft is the love, respect, reverence and mirth we have for each other, for all living things and for the Goddess.  

It is the talents or crafts of our mothers, our sisters and our daughters.  It is in my memories of my grandmother Sophie making all sorts of mysterious concoctions in the kitchen.  Pickles and saurkraut, fancy cakes and mustard plasters if you were sick.  She would tell me about her mother Marie and what wonderful things she remembered her mother making in her kitchen.  The kitchen was always the central place, the hearth of our family.  Grandma would dispense wisdom and much needed encouragement and hugs.  My mother always has coffee ready at the push of a button and cookies for the children.  She still clips out pictures of animals and interesting things for the grandchildren to make books out of.  She has something my father called “radar” and apparently he stated that “there ought to be a law agin’ it”.  Many are the times my mother’s intuition has kept me out of trouble.    

For me, wicca and witchcraft are the way in which we honour the Goddess.  I see Her in the trees and mountain path I walk on, and in the streams and olive coloured lake we visit in the spring.  It is understanding the interconnectedness of Every Thing.  We work with energy to heal and to help, to protect and to shift things from sorrow to joy.    

If you are seeking power, you are on the wrong path.  This is a path of the inner journey.  Of self-improvement and self-discovery.  The magic is found within You and so is the Goddess.  For She is You and You are She.  And therein lies the mystery and the magic.    

She is waiting…    

She is love…    

She is You…  

and You  

are She… 

Blessed Be,

Raven Skye


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August 14, 2010
May 18, 2014

Mary Belle Weeks @ 6:12 pm #

Sophia’s Temple is an impressive website. Thank you for developing and sharing it with others. I love the idea of a Witches’ Tea Party and was disappointed that I am in Virginia, USA and you are in Canada. However, I have hosted Black Hat Gatherings (not associated with any organization) at a local pizzeria and those were successful in bringing local witches together for a while. Keep up the good work and I’ll be checking in for ideas and insights regularly. Brightest Blessings, Mary Belle (aka Amethyst)

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