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When you hear the word witch it conjures up pictures of green faced hags and pointy hats.  Our favourite time of year is upon us. 

For those of us who walk the path of the Goddess the Fall prepares us for the Witch’s New Year.  October 31st is known to us as All Hallows Eve.  It is followed by All Soul’s Night, November 1st. 

Samhain blessing

Before it was All Hallows Eve (aka All Saints Day) the date was known to our Celtic ancestors as Samhain.  It was an ancient pagan (I can feel you cringe but pagan means country dweller) celebration.  It was the time to honour the deathly sleep of the land (King Arthur as connected to the land, the Lord of the Forest, The Stag, Cernunnos, the God). It was a time to honour your ancestors.  The veil is thin at this time of year and our loved ones often make themselves known in dreams, signs and familiar things.  My mother has a bird of paradise plant that she grew from a seed brought back from her honeymoon in Hawaii.  It no longer blooms because it needs re-potting badly but on the day of her wedding anniversary it blossomed two beautiful birds. I have no doubt that it was her beloved’s way of sending his love from the other side of the veil.

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There is a special kind of magic that happens when you gather with your sisters under the moon light.  Sorrows are shared and thereby lessened.  Stories told and myths retold.

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May 18, 2014

Mary Belle Weeks @ 6:12 pm #

Sophia’s Temple is an impressive website. Thank you for developing and sharing it with others. I love the idea of a Witches’ Tea Party and was disappointed that I am in Virginia, USA and you are in Canada. However, I have hosted Black Hat Gatherings (not associated with any organization) at a local pizzeria and those were successful in bringing local witches together for a while. Keep up the good work and I’ll be checking in for ideas and insights regularly. Brightest Blessings, Mary Belle (aka Amethyst)

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