Samhain, The Witches New Year
A Time to Remember the Ancestors, The Veil is Thin

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When you hear the word witch it conjures up pictures of green faced hags and pointy hats.  Our favourite time of year is upon us.  For those of us who walk the path of the Goddess the Fall prepares us for the Witch’s New Year.  October 31st is known to us as All Hallows Eve.  It is followed by All Soul’s Night, November 1st.  Before it was All Hallows Eve (aka All Saints Day) the date was known to our Celtic ancestors as Samhain.  It was an ancient pagan (I can feel you cringe but pagan means country dweller :) celebration.  It was the time to honour the deathly sleep of the land (King Arthur as connected to the land, the Lord of the Forest, The Stag, Cernunnos, the God). It is a time when we honour our ancestors.  

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The veil is thin at this time of year and our loved ones often make themselves known in dreams, signs and familiar things.  My mother has a bird of paradise plant that she grew from a seed brought back from her honeymoon in Hawaii.  It no longer blooms because it needs re-potting badly but on the day of her wedding anniversary it blossomed two beautiful birds. For three years in a row now it has bloomed on the day he passed away.

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There is a special kind of magic that happens when you gather with your sisters under the moon light.  Sorrows are shared and thereby lessened.  Stories told and myths retold.

For this time of the year the flowers and green things die.  But really they only appear to die.  Just as when we die we sleep and are reborn.


Learn How to Heal Yourself, Heal Others

and Connect with the Goddess Within

Are you seeking to be true to your own spirit and not live under someone elses expectations?

Are you looking for empowerment and acceptance of who you truly are?

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Dear Wise Woman,

We are your spiritual sisters.

We honour and respect your journey to get here. And we invite you to take the next step in your own healing, empowerment, and divinity.

Whether you’ve been on this road for many years, or have a new curiosity, we are here to connect you to others on the same path. This is your journey and we each find our own way to this path.

We can teach you to use energetic healing, magic, and ancient wisdom to find healing, peace, and freedom.

We have discovered our own inner Goddess. You have your own inner Goddess too!  We can help you connect with Her.

We believe that each woman has this Divine Feminine energies within. When we acknowledge her and nurture her, we release her magical power, which can work miracles in our lives!

The Divine Feminine, or the Goddess, is the feminine side of God. We seek to bring back balance to the Earth by honouring the feminine as well as the masculine face of the Divine.

The Goddess of 10,000 names is known by so many sacred names.  Each name is a reflection of the face of Mother God; for Witches she is the Goddess; for Christians she is the Virgin Mary; for Jews she is the Shekinah; in Egypt she is Mother of the Heavens; for First Nations people she is Mother Earth.

This is a journey of remembering the Old Ways and of rediscovering the Divine with ourselves.

We often use ritual, which activates our ancient soul memory. It gives us a sacred vehicle in which to express our soul’s longing, joy and pain. By sharing the magic of ritual with others we rediscover the magic and the path to balance for ourselves.

We invite you to join us in honouring the Goddess within you and all around you!