Spells – Be careful what you wish for!

To cast a spell is really to wish for something.  It is hopefully something wonderful, something nice, or something that is needed.  When you make a wish and blow out the candles on your birthday cake, you are casting a spell.  When you pray for someone you are casting a spell.  Spellwork is working with the energy of the universe, both that which is within and that which is without.  It is the intention to heal, to create, to help someone go with the ebb and flow of the energy of the universe rather than being slammed by it and knocked ass over tea kettle as my step-dad would say.

Spellwork is like everything else that is worthwhile learning.  It takes practice.  Years and years of practice and focused intent.  Like any other skill that you learn, you will make mistakes.  Sometimes things will go sideways and every now and then a working goes a little off kilter but it makes for a wonderful story.  Here is one of my workings that went a little sideways.  I hope you enjoy the humour as much as I did.

It was a beautiful mid-summer’s night.  Kate, Lisa and Jennifer and I headed out to visit our special Tree in Fish Creek park.  After a lovely visit with Tree, we said our farewells and Kate headed off in her car.  As I watched her drive off I spotted something rather unusual.  Throwing the car in reverse I proclaimed “You have to see this!”.  Driving in reverse for most of a block startled Jenn and Lisa but not as much as what came next.  There beside the car on the sidewalk was a man walking a cat in a stroller followed by an orange cat in pajamas.  I rolled the windows down and shouted at the poor man asking “Are you single?” to which he blushed and asked me “Why if I may ask do you want to know if I am single?”  To which I replied “Because you seem to love cats and we love cats.”   He then proceeded to offer an explanation of the unusual scene before us.  “You are probably wondering why I am walking my cat in a stroller?”  Not really, I thought.  I had considered purchasing one too.  “My cat is very nervous and does not do well on a leash and I need the exercise, so I walk him in this stroller and we both get outdoors for a bit of a stroll.”  I asked him about the second cat and he advised me that “No he does not belong to me.  He lives in that house a few doors back.  Every night it is the same routine; his owners dress him in pajamas and put him outside at exactly 9:00 o’clock.  He then walks 3 or 4 houses down the street with us and then returns to his own house where he sits on the sidewalk watching the world go by.”   I put Lisa on the phone to explain to Kate what we had just witnessed but she was skeptical.  Who wouldn’t be?  “What colour were the cat’s pajamas?” she asked.  “White with little flowers on them.” I said.  I am glad that Jenn managed to capture him on film.  My photo was blurry.  “Of course it was.” said Kate.

The second part of the story is perhaps the first part is the story.  A few months prior to seeing the cat in pajamas I had written in my New Moon list of things to wish for: “A trip to the Cat’s Pajamas” (a lovely store).  Thinking it would be lovely to have some new and fancy things from their shop, I continued to ponder (frequently apparently) and think upon (you guessed it) The Cat’s Pajamas.  There is something called primordial language and when doing spells it is a good thing to keep in mind.  I focused on “a trip to the Cat’s Pajamas.  What the universe heard was “Cat’s Pajamas”.  I wonder if the owners of the Cat knew why they were dressing their cat in pajamas every night at exactly 9:00 o’clock.  Hmmm… I wonder :)

So remember… be careful what you wish for!



Cat in Pajamas














© Raven Skye McTavish 2011

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