Which Witch Are You?

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Meets under the Moon to sing and dance and cast spells.  She is creative and will always find a solution to the problem.

She is the creator, the one who can make things happen.  She is the magical person who turns intentions into reality.

She knows her power and uses it to heal, to create and to protect, not to harm.

Earth Mother

Usually serene caretaker of the planet.   She is the healer.

Gets cranky when large uncontained oil spills occur and when the humans on the planet forget they are part of Her and that “We are She”.

She is the forgiving sort but do not trifle with her children, or you may see a different and dark face of the Mother.

She is beautiful, strong, resilient and full of surprises.

Dark Goddess

Sister to the Earth Mother and Sorceress. She is the advocate of those who can not or who will not speak for themselves.

She is the warrior, one who fights for justice. Not really the forgiving sort, will come to the aid of women in abusive situations, good at justice, helps us to understand our shadow side and has been known to wipe out humanity on occasion.

Honour and pay heed.